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Professional Tips for Mobile Video Creation

Phone cameras now come equipped with features that produce amazing images. With new digital and SLR camera's emerging mobile videography is a quick and simple solution to capturing footage for any event. Here are some tips to creating professional looking and feeling videos with mobile phones.

Shoot With Intent

Before you begin shooting any shots, think like an editor. Think of the specific shots that you would like to open, hold and close the film. Every shot should be purposeful, aligning with the narrative or message you aim to convey. If the shot seems unique or creative yet it does not align with the story it is a pointless shot to include.

Pay attention to framing and in the composition. Lighting is vital; natural light often works wonders, but if indoors or in low-light conditions, consider using additional lighting sources to avoid grainy or unclear visuals.

Storyboard of 6 images of a doctor visiting a patient at their house


In the realm of mobile videography, camera shakes can detract from the professional appearance of your video. This is where stabilization comes to the rescue. Most modern video editing apps provide stabilization tools that can significantly improve the overall quality of your footage.

By applying stabilization, you can smooth out jitters and shaky camera movements, giving a visually pleasing final product.

Phone stabilizers are a great way to achieve professional grade filming. The motorized gimbal balances the phone and stabilizes any movement that may occur from walking or shaky hands.

Whether you're filming on the move or capturing a stationary scene, leveraging these stabilization features can make a remarkable difference in the overall professionalism of your mobile videos.

iphone on a gimbal being used to shoot outside


Editing is the stage where raw footage evolves into an engaging visual story. Editing becomes an art that empowers creators to refine their content and captivate their audience.

During the editing process, you have the opportunity to craft a seamless video by selecting the best moments, arranging clips for impact, and enhancing visual and auditory elements. Whether you're adding text overlays for context, adjusting colors to evoke specific emotions, or fine-tuning audio to ensure clarity, each edit contributes to the final professional quality of your video.

A well-edited mobile video not only delivers your intended message but also reflects your creative vision and technical prowess.

a close up of an editing timeline in the program adobe primere

Color and Correction

Color correction is an essential aspect of video editing that holds the power to transform the mood and atmosphere of your footage.

In the realm of mobile videography, achieving consistent and visually appealing colors is crucial for maintaining a professional look. Color correction allows you to adjust the color balance, contrast, and saturation of your clips, ensuring a harmonious visual experience.

Whether you're aiming for a vibrant and lively aesthetic or a muted and moody tone, the ability to fine-tune colors gives you creative control over the emotions your video evokes. By paying attention to color correction, you can elevate your mobile videos from amateur to professional, captivating your audience with a polished and visually captivating result.


Mobile videography is a great way to provide a quick and effective solution to your content needs. Of course if you would like to outsource your video needs you can reach out to a local videographer or a video team.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we would love to answer and assist you with any of your inquires.

Thanks for reading!

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