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Generate 10x more leads

Save money on leads generation

Double your response rate

No risk for your account

Multiple ways to generate leads

We filter for your ideal prospects using one of our many targeting options. Run searches from LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, or import your own CSV file. You can also use Sales Navigator Lead Lists or copy the URL of a LinkedIn post to reach out to all the people that interacted with it!


Powerful multi-step campaigns

Set complex flows by placing custom steps into your campaign and setting time delays between them. Run campaigns for 2nd and 3rd connections combining connect, view, follow and message steps, or engage with your 1st connections. Best of all – run InMail campaigns on your prospects.

Run and track multiple campaigns

Forget about your messy LinkedIn inbox and losing leads because you missed a reply. With our Smart inbox feature, you can manage all of your conversations without ever leaving our app.

To help you do more in less, we also have labels along with an option to add notes in a CRM style.


Handle messages with Smart Inbox

This powerful tool rounds up everything you need to know about your potential leads.


Smart inbox tracks all your conversations with every potential lead, giving you useful information such as their LinkedIn profile, email address, website, and even phone number.

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