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How do we feel about the Metaverse?

As we know (and as I've discussed) the Metaverse is a very real idea and is expected to become a reality in the near future. It will change the way people around the globe interact and how business owners market their businesses. New ways of marketing will be introduced and completely revolutionize the industry as a whole.

Artificial intelligence will develop human intelligence in Web3

The big question is how should we feel about the metaverse? I read a very interesting & brief article the other day about the metaverse and just how advanced the technology within it will be, and I wanted to share it in case you didn't hear about it.

A Fresh Perspective

A VR pioneer, Louis Rosenberg, interviewed with Morning Brew (a great resource for news in all niches, by the way) and painted us a picture of what to expect when we get to that point of the world wide web.

In the interview, Rosenberg gives a simple, yet clear, explanation of what the metaverse is, and explains how public perception of virtual reality has changed over the years & its evolution.

The question that stood out to me the most was- should the metaverse make us nervous?

How should we feel about the new technology?

To give you an idea, paying advertisers might actually get the power to INJECT ads into the digital worlds you visit, much like we see intrusive ads on our social media platforms. You can read the rest of the interview here. Regardless, it's amazing how much VR has evolved and grown in popularity.

Let us know your thoughts after reading the article and your opinion on the Metaverse!

Thanks for reading!

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