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Leveraging TikTok Trends for Small Business - Why You Should Take Advantage

Updated: May 24, 2023

When TikTok first launched in 2016, it was seen as a fun, new platform to share videos, much like Vine. Even a couple of years ago, it was labeled as "a kid's app". Now it has turned into a powerful social media marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes to increase their reach and grow. It's become another social media platform to reach new audiences, as well as achieve other business goals.

search bar displaying a query that says, "what is tiktok?" to signify that TikTok has become a popular platform to search for content

Well, TikTok is NOT a kid's app anymore. And if you're still stuck in that mindset, get out of it.

Why Should Businesses be Joining TikTok?

TikTok started as a platform for comedy and entertainment, but it has turned into so much more since its creation.

It's now a social media platform filled with useful video content coming from what seems like every possible industry, hobby, and interest.

More small businesses are creating TikTok accounts to try it out because it's easier to get exposure than other platforms and ads are less competitive than other outlets.

It's also a great platform for boosting brand awareness. The content that most users post on the platform is more personable and relatable, and it adds a face to the brands

When users see authenticity in your content, they'll get inspired to follow and even shop with your brand, creating a loyal following.

TikTok has Turned into a Search Engine

Have you ever hopped on TikTok to search for stuff to do in your city or good places to eat or a recipe for a new dish you want to try? I know I have.

Although it is primarily a social media platform, it has features that allow it to be used as a search engine. Users can search for specific content or hashtags to discover videos related to their search queries.

It has quite literally turned into a search engine, like Google.

More specifically, Gen Z generally prefers to use TikTok and Instagram for searches over Google.

This behavioral shift could be indicative of something much bigger, as this younger generation just prefers to see things for themselves - visual & authentic content could be the key to gaining new customers since Gen Z makes up more than half of the TikTok users in the US.

Business pages should look into adapting traditional SEO practices to their social media platforms.

Source: Wallaroo Media

TikTok will continue to roll out updates to help businesses succeed

There's a reason it's considered the most innovative platform for marketers.

Since TikTok for Business was launched in 2020, it has given businesses the opportunity to not only create better TikTok ads but manage their page in a much easier way than other platforms AND keep up with the latest TikTok trends.

The Creative Center helps marketers stay informed about new trends such as hashtags, songs, and content.

TikTok videos are considered the most entertaining among ad platforms

TikTok was the only platform that had an increase in trust among marketers while trust in other social media platforms actually decreased in the past year.

In addition to this, TikTok is developing eCommerce integrations with eCommerce Platforms to allow merchants to add TikTok as a sales and advertising channel. This streamlines the process of syncing their eCommerce catalog, and more.

Creators can strengthen TikTok marketing efforts

Let's not forget about the creators of the platform, which arguably make TikTok what it is.

Plenty of us has seen the success of companies partnering up with TikTok creators so that new users discover their brand.

Your brand's Tiktok marketing efforts are only strengthened when you have creators mentioning your products, especially if you're looking to reach specific niche audiences.

What if I want to keep up with the most Popular TikTok Trends?

If you're looking to take your TikTok marketing to the next level, you can make yourself aware of top TikTok trends and trending sounds within the app to strengthen your engagement.

It's easy to find what's trending and what you should post based on what others in your industry are posting.

Pick a trending sound

It's not rocket science. Anyone with a phone and an internet connection can have a strong presence on TikTok. All you need to do is pick out a trending sound that you think your brand can connect with, hop on it early, and make your content 30 seconds or shorter to cater to today's human attention span.

Not sure what's trending?

Just go to the discover tab and you'll see what's trending or hot. You can find popular sounds, hashtags, and the latest trends.

Your 'for you' page can also show you trending sounds and stuff based on your interests and past engagement. If you come across a video with a certain sound that has

thousands of likes, it might be because it's part of a trend and worth looking into. You can find out by clicking on the sound and discovering how many videos use it. You'll then find out how it's being used and how popular it is.

The bottom line: TikTok will continue to grow

I think we can all expect TikTok to grow in popularity, so it's important for businesses of all sizes to see if it's worth developing a TikTok strategy.

Smartphone showing the official TikTok account on the TikTok app

But remember not to throw all your eggs into one basket - Facebook, Instagram, and the other social media platforms we go on every day still exist. Your target audience may be elsewhere.

What are you waiting for? In the US alone it has reached roughly 80 million users - so get started ASAP!

And if all of this sounds too challenging, let us help you get started!

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