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Marketing Empire Group Named One of the Most Reviewed Agencies in San Diego

Updated: Apr 24

Advertising is a nuanced process that’s more human than most give it credit for. Finding success in this field requires fully understanding the goals of the client and buying into what they’re offering. The advertiser should always be first in line when it comes to believing in what they’re selling.

This is what our clients consistently get when they partner with Empire Marketing Group. A decision that many of them say is the best one they’ve ever made for their business. Just ask The Manifest.

The Manifest award badge for most reviewed advertising agencies in San Diego, CA

The Manifest is a B2B blog resource that’s connecting companies with their ideal project partners. They do this by analyzing the reviews of each provider and ranking them accordingly based on the quantity and quality of their ratings. According to their 2022 research, Marketing Empire Group is one of the most reviewed advertising agencies in San Diego.

This is only possible because of the effort and initiative of our clients and partners who took the time to spread the word about our services.

“We are super grateful to be recognized as a Top Advertising Agency in San Diego. Shoutout to our entire team for their creativity, commitment, and continuous collaboration.” - Kyle Onstott, CEO of Marketing Empire Group.

We know how important something like this is especially for a company like ours that depend on a positive reputation. This is why we will double down on everything that worked for us in the past year and give our clients more of what they want to see.

If you want the best team in the business who’s also dedicated to bringing the vision of your company to life, look no further than Marketing Empire Group. Get in touch with us and we’ll build a plan that puts your values and offers ahead of your competitors.

Thanks for reading!

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