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Congrats to 27th Street Bakery on Being Featured on The Food Network!

Updated: May 17, 2023

We are proud to have worked with 27th Street Bakery in Los Angeles, CA. Awesome bakery! They're famous for their sweet potato pies, made completely from scratch using real sweet potatoes. Now that's commitment!

27th Street Bakery Website, designed by Marketing Empire Group.

They were on Bake or Break, a program on the Food Network, and didn't have an e-commerce website at the time. They came to us prior to the airing of their episode and we quickly built out a website that fits their brand & identity. We then launched the site prior to the airing of the episode, and shortly after that sales went through the roof! They truly capitalized on a huge opportunity.

Before they partnered with us, they always did everything in person. Since going online they have only seen a growing revenue stream thanks to online sales.

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