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The Empire Team just got a whole new purpose. In 1 Chronicles 16 God is helping David defeat his enemies and return to the land of Canaan. In today's time, we must also return to the promised land. Inner city living is falling apart and we've become so dependant as a church and community on basic resources. It's time for CHANGE!


Change start here. 

Now Let's Go Build Gods Empire !

Standing Meeting


Bring Awareness

Look at the state of the World. It's time for a conversation.


Gather the church leaders

It's time for us to have a roundtable discussion on how we can get back to the roots and get away from the daily tech distractions.

Street Protest
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Create a strategy

We need to bring the whole church body together to Mastermind this project out, & it will be HUGE.


Invest in the kingdom

God wants us on the land. He is ready to take us to the promised land. It's time we become self-sufficient and self-reliant. It's time we buy our own natural resources and start tending the land. Food, water, shelter for the hungry, needy, & poor. We can do it church. 

Painting of Field

Now What?


Leaders Need To Meet

There's a lot to discuss, especially in the state of this economy and the spiritual warfare this world is experiencing. We need some change here at home!

Hands Red

Church Members Need To Donate Their Gifts & Talents

Imagine if the Church body came togehter and everyone used their gifts and talents. We could do so much together if we bring our resources together.

Map of Paris

We Need To Build Our Own Communities

It's time to get back to the land. We need to be self sufficient and have our own resources. Resources are valuable, somewhere along the way we forgot about how important the land and the garden is. 

Are you ready to join the T.E.A.M?

Share your information below 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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