The Digital Way To Generate Leads. Apply #4 To Your Business TODAY!

You've heard it, you've seen it, you're experiencing it. The digital life, it's officially the virtual way of living and doing business is here in 2020 and beyond.

What does that mean for you and your business?


It means you need to shift and move with the times. It is now a requirement to move online and create your digital presence. If you want to grow your business in 2020, 2021, 2022, & each year moving forward it's imperative you start generating leads online.

But HOW?

#1. Start blogging, now!

With a blog it allows you to increase your SEO, improve website rankings for specific keywords, & cast a wider net to a wider audience. By publishing your blogs and sharing your knowledge to your network on your website and social platforms you will grow your following and build the reputation as the expert in your field. Make sure to provide valuable and useful information. Bring as much value possible and keep it relevant to what's happening in the industry right now! The more engaging you make it, the better response you will get, and the higher your rankings (& views) you will receive.

#2. Social Media

Could you imagine having a group of 10, 20, or even 100 sales reps/promoters for your product/service? Well you have the ability to create JUST THAT!We have heard it for years now, social media is the future

of sales. We are seeing it today now more than ever. With continuous ads, thousands of groups, and a consistent feed of family/friends sharing the hottest trends, devices, and innovations you have to get your business in on this. Any opportunity you have to connect with your clients, prospects, family, & friends via social media and can encourage/incentive them to share your content or refer you business, it is a win-win situation.

#3. Your Website

One of the most underutilized resources in your businesses lead generation strategy is your website.

Is it optimized?

Do you show up on the first page of google? Are you gathering prospect's information when they land on your homepage? Do you have a clear call to action? These are all very important questions to ask yourself regarding your website. The design and layout are also extremely important when it comes to user interface and how engaged the viewer will be. If you'd like a free audit report you can click here and find out how your website ranks.

#4. Lead Magnets

As soon as the prospect lands on your page what is their call to action (CTA)? Just like with anything in business, you need to make it clear to the prospect what you would like them to do. A lead magnet does exactly that. A lead magnet is an incentive for the prospect (e-book, free service, giveaway, etc.) in exchange for their email address and/or other contact information. By creating a strong lead magnet you allow yourself to provide upfront value and prove yourself to be the industry expert all while getting their contact information and putting them on your email campaign or giving them a call. Lead magnets are overlooked and underutilized.

#5. Referral/affiliate programs

A referral/affiliate program is an incentive for current clients and/or partners to refer you business in exchange for discounts, additional services, or referral fees. This ultimately helps you build a salesforce of fans to help promote and sometimes even sell your product for you. Creating and affiliate program is a huge opportunity for you to grow brand awareness, increase revenue, and build out a residual revenue stream that continues giving. If you are interested in our affiliate program you can check it out here.

#6. Run Ads

Running ads is very inexpensive and allows you to create very specific targeted campaigns. No matter who your target audience is, running ads can be extremely fruitful and lucrative for your business. Having the

ability to set your budget, audience, and time frame is unlike anything we've ever seen before in the marketing world. Digital marketing, online ads specifically, have changed the world of marketing as we know it. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity. You can learn more on how to run efficient & effective Facebook, Google, & LinkedIn Ads here:

Majority of business owners want to improve their rankings, increase their revenue, and grow their businesses. By implementing the components listed above you will put yourself in the best position possible to do so. Take action right now. Don't wait until it's too late. Now is the time.

If you'd like more information or to learn ways to utilize digital marketing for your business please reach out to us for a free consultation. You will learn the different techniques and capabilities of marketing and walk away with knew knowledge that you can implement yourself, or hire the experts to do it for you. Either way it's a win-win and well worth your time. Contact us now

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