LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Tips That Guarantee New Leads & More Sales

When you join the LinkedIn platform, you should have a goal in mind on what you want to achieve for your company or as an individual. Set goals so that you have metrics to use against to measure your progress. It’s vital to know there are two types of people on LinkedIn; those who connect only to the people they’ve worked with, and those who accept every random contact request that comes in. Either strategy is correct depending on what you to achieve on LinkedIn platform.

1. Join Groups or Start a group

The fastest way to grow your business on LinkedIn is by joining groups or start a group. It will help to connect with people you have similar interest, professional or not professional. You can invite thought leaders in your industry to establish a relationship and perhaps even gain access to their network.

2. Participate Build Credibility

The best way to grow your business by getting prospective leads is by participating in the groups. It’s advisable once you’re in a group, post regularly but don’t spam the group. You participate by sharing ideas, ask questions and stories. It’s vital to build your credibility as an expert in your field by helping others. In the process, you will end up getting prospects for your business as your credibility grows.

3. Create a Company Page

It’s vital to create a company profile on LinkedIn when you want to build credibility and engage with other business. You can create a LinkedIn page for your company (it’s free). It will form a basis for your employees to network your customers. In the process help the company to generate sales and increase revenue.

4. Upload a Picture

People will respond positively and connect with you when you have a picture on your profile. It’s advisable to upload a meaningful and attractive photo because it will make people on the platform to recognize your face, and they feel like they are connecting with a real person.

5. Use of SEO

It’s vital to optimize your profile on LinkedIn via search engines. It will increase your visibility and get you found by prospects, employers and recruiters. It’s significant to ensure the headlines you use and your copy use the right keywords to help people find you.

Remember, to complete your profile on LinkedIn to help increase your visibility online and to look professional.

6. Use the Showcases

LinkedIn has not restricted the number of showcases you can highlight. Use this to your advantage by creating up to ten showcases pages under your company profile to highlight the company services or particular aspects like a marketing campaign. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is giving you ten company pages for free. Use them!

7. Go Premium

You can decide to pay and get access to premium memberships on LinkedIn. It has privileges that will help you or the company gain access to multiple features that non-members don’t have access like the ability to directly message people who aren’t in proximity to your existing network. This can boost your marketing effort and lead to getting prospects for your business and generate extra revenues.

8. Seek Out Endorsements

Getting positive endorsements and reviews is another way of building credibility in your field. It influences the buying decisions of customers. It’s advisable to give endorsements to the people in your network and don’t forget to ask for endorsement in return.

9. Create a Portfolio

The best way to showcase your work is by creating a portfolio on LinkedIn. It’s advisable to show the best sample of your work to attract potential clients. Depending on your work, the samples can SEO articles if your content writer or professional pictures if you’re a photographer, and so forth.

10. Blog

When you provide useful information regularly helps to build engagement and your reputation on the LinkedIn platform. You can do this by blogging directly on LinkedIn or create LinkedIn posts that promote your blog posts. It advisable to ensure your profile on LinkedIn is regularly updated to keep it fresh and current.

Bottom Line

You can use LinkedIn to track down your competitor’s accomplishments by visiting their company pages serving your target market and keep track of the changes in your industry. This will help you to identify trends and opportunities for talent acquisition and growth areas for your business.

Lastly, the pages of LinkedIn are ranked highly by Google, and other search engines result pages.

Companies and individuals need to update their pages and optimize to help in improving visibility and increase visitor traffic to their websites.

LinkedIn is a platform when you use it correctly; it can generate Million dollar revenue for your business.

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn.........

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