We handle the events, you enjoy the company

Strategy / Promote / Connect 

Upcoming Events

Wine Tour Speed Dating

5 Wedding Venues

100  men 100 women

120 second

  1. Show up to event and get dating card


  2. You'll meet 100 other single professionals in less
    than 6 hours (via a series of 5-minute "Pre-Dates" while hopping from winery to winery). We facilitate
    everything to ensure you are safe
    & having fun.

  3. Event includes appetizers and wine

  4. On your Match Sheet, you all mark who you’d like to know better  At the end of the event, you enter your Match Sheet selections.


  5. Your results are received within hours! 
    We email each guest a list of participants who want a second date! Odds are you’ll have 5-10 matches

  6. After that, it’s up to you! Since you invested in an Empire date, chances of genuine connection and potential relationship increase